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Actuators & Controls

SDI has a history supporting aircraft OEMs in actuator & control modeling, simulation, design, analysis and testing.

Expertise & Experience

  • Flight control system modeling

  • Actuation system modeling

  • Structural mode interactions

  • Theoretical evaluations in multiple control loops

  • Closed loop performance

  • Reduced controller model

  • Low frequency coupling mode

  • Closely coupled modes

  • Flight envelope cases

  • Effects of nonlinearities

  • Adaptive and other systems

  • System ID and testing

  • Sensor positioning

  • Design software and methodology

  • Perform test demonstrations and evaluation

Our Engineering Capabilities

  • Identification of aircraft design requirements

  • Modeling of actuation systems

  • Control law design

  • Pilot controls

  • Aeroservoelastic model build

  • Stability & control and handling qualities

Control Systems

Enabling Innovation Through Engineering Support and Expertise

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