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Plane in the Sky
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SDI Engineering’s ASSURE is a set of probabilistic aeroservoelasticity tools, developed in collaboration with the University of Washington.

ASSURE’s unique capabilities are applied to isolate uncertainties in simulation, manufacturing, test measurement, and test-to-analysis correlation.


The toolbox is used to analyze the aeroelastic/aeroservoelastic characteristics of advanced flight vehicles in flight and on the ground.


ASSURE is designed to have significant flexibility in the types of problems analyzed, the solution methods used, and how problems are defined.


  • Control system integration and aeroservoelastic uncertainties simulation

  • Probability of failure analysis

  • Damaged structure modeling and simulation

  • Integration with Nastran or other commercial FE tools

  • Stochastic modeling

  • Structural and aerodynamic uncertainties simulation

  • Aerodynamic corrections

  • Sensitivity analysis to problem parameters

Technologies & Tools

  • Aeroelastic/aeroservoelastic analysis

  • Finite element modeling and analysis

  • Monte Carlo simulations

  • Based in Matlab

Anticipated Benefits

  • Fast and efficient analyses for large scale problems

  • Identification of potential areas for weight reduction

  • Reduction in number of tests required

  • Increase in test safety

  • Avoidance of hazardous test cases

  • ASSURE can be used in:

    • Design stage

    • Test planning and analysis

    • Certification

    • Fleet operation and maintenance

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