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SDI's Landing Gear Multifidelity Simulation and Subsystem Analysis Tool

GearSim reduces the resources needed during the product development cycle of landing gear subsystems. The software enables countless tests to be conducted virtually helping our customers minimize both costs and time needed to deliver a project.

GearSim provides a high level of modeling detail without requiring a high level of modeling expertise. Reduced modeling effort allows customers without landing gear experience to efficiently perform landing gear analysis tasks.


Experienced users can utilize GearSim as a central platform to connect specialized subsystem models and manage multiple, highly detailed landing gear and aircraft models.

Let a GearSim Expert show you more about our products and how we can help.

GearSim in Action

Nose Landing Gear Drop Test

  • Used for validation or subsystem design

  • Single-wheel landing gear

  • Dropped height: 2.5 m

  • Impact velocity: 3 m/s

Nose Landing Gear Shimmy Test

  • Assess system-level dynamic interactions

  • Single wheel landing gear

  • Hammer strike at 2 seconds

  • Flexible oscillations damped for this case

  • Frequency and damping post-processing tools available

Whole Aircraft Landing

  • Applies to Commercial and Military applications

  • Aircraft mass: 174,000 kg

  • Four-wheel main landing gear and two-wheel nose landing gear

  • Initial ground speed: 75 m/s

  • Descent rate: 3 m/s

Software Description

GearSim combines a high fidelity, nonlinear, six degree-of-freedom landing gear system modeling tool with variable fidelity aeroelastic and flight control system simulation tools, in order to produce an efficient and accurate integrated simulation.

Adding GearSim to your organization's software suite will improve your landing gear engineering capabilities and save time and cost on design, certification, and maintenance programs. 


Technologies & Tools

Anticipated Benefits

Software Modules and Additional Features

Landing Gear Model Features

Additional Landing Gear Model Library

GearSim Supports Dynamic Link Library (DLL)

Taxi Module

Specific Aircraft Models

Hydraulic Steering and Braking Systems

Hydraulic Actuation Systems

Custom User Requests

Custom Model Validation and Tuning

Maintenance and Technical Support Options

Let a GearSim Expert show you more about our products and how we can help.

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