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Landing Gear Systems

SDI has a history of supporting the US DoD, aircraft OEMs, tire manufacturers and universities in landing gear modeling, simulation, design, analysis and testing for more than 15 years.


Landing gear expertise includes support in conceptual design, modeling, simulation and design optimizations, and LG subsystem analysis including braking and steering systems. 

Expertise & Experience

  • Modeling, Simulation, Design, and Testing Support: 

    • US Department of Defense

    • Aircraft OEMs

    • Tire manufacturers

    • Universities

  • Developed Landing Gear Analysis Tool, GearSim

  • Capabilities include Detailed Models:

    • Aircraft aeroelastics

    • Flight controls

    • Landing gear structure

    • Landing gear subsystems

    • Realistic simulation capability for variety of aircraft flight and ground maneuvers​


Software Solution

GearSim Logo Text 01-12-23.png


SDI's Landing Gear Multifidelity Simulation and Subsystem Analysis Tool

GearSim combines a high fidelity, nonlinear, six degree-of-freedom landing gear system modeling tool with variable fidelity aeroelastic and flight control system simulation tools, in order to produce an efficient and accurate integrated simulation.

Adding GearSim to your organization's software suite will improve your landing gear engineering capabilities and save time and cost on design, certification, and maintenance programs. 

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