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SDI offers a diverse range of services through the application of mathematical modeling, simulation, analysis, and specialized engineering skills.


SDI Engineering is an experienced provider of engineering services and software tools with application expertise in:

  • Landing Gear

  • Aerial Refueling

  • Aeroelastics/Aeroservoelastics

  • Tires

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Avionics Engineering

SDI is a Full Cycle Engineering Firm

Here is our approach:

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Research & Development

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Testing & Certification

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Design & Analysis

Advanced Modeling & Simulation

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Our Engineering Capabilities


Aeroelastics & Load Analysis

  • Model building

  • Flight loads and flutter analysis

  • Ground loads analysis

  • Flight/ground vibration test management and support

  • Model validation

  • Certification reporting

  • Structural design and modification

  • Stress hand calculations and load path analysis

  • Fatigue and damage tolerance


  • Identification of aircraft design requirements

  • Modeling of actuation systems

  • Control law design

  • Pilot controls

  • Aeroservoelastic model build

  • Stability & control and handling qualities

Control Systems

Our Engineering Approach


Research & Development

  • Long-term contractor for the US government sponsored SBIR/STTR advanced R&D programs - 15 Phase I awards and 11 Phase II awards

  • Key topics include:

    • Landing gear analysis

    • Aeroelastics/aeroservoelastics

    • Aircraft ground loads

    • Wind tunnel sting mount hardware design and analysis

    • Active control inceptors

    • Aerial refueling software and hardware design and analysis

Advanced Modeling & Simulation

  • Aeroelasticity/aeroservoelasticity

  • Flight control and actuation systems

  • Control law development and handling qualities

  • Structural dynamics and vibration

  • Uncertainty and reliability

  • Finite element modeling

  • Mechanical components and systems

  • Hydraulics modeling, simulation and system design

Design & Analysis

  • Structural design and modification

  • Stress analysis and FEA

  • Familiar with Airbus and Boeing aircraft, methods and tools

Testing & Certification

  • Component testing to flight testing

    • Static load tests

    • Landing gear drop tests and test predictions

    • Ground vibration tests

    • Wind tunnel tests

    • Flight test support

  • Test planning, specification and management

  • Data analysis

  • Certification reporting

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