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Applied Research and Development

Sixteen Phase I and eleven Phase II SBIR/STTRs have been awarded to SDI since 1994. 

SDI has a breadth of engineering knowledge to offer potential partners. Here are some exciting topics that are currently being pursued:

  • Electric Aircraft

    • Through the distribution of GearSim, the company has become a partner in the landing gear development process for a variety of markets ranging from fossil fuel to electric aircraft

    • As a long-term strategic partner to streamline the design, analysis, and certification cycle, customers can benefit from significant time and cost savings over the course of a design program

  •  Digital Twin & Predictive Maintenance

    • Creation of digital assets for use in the development and maintenance of aircraft

    • GearSim provides a platform in which detailed, individualized landing gear models can be combined with the aircraft service history to predict the onset of landing gear structural damage or degradation of landing gear subsystems, including brake pads, tires, hydraulic steering/braking systems

  • UAVs

    • Our proprietary GearSim software can be modified as a tool in the development process of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 

Enabling Innovation Through Engineering Support and Expertise

Research Team
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