Tire Analysis with GearSim

GearSim has a broad analysis capability that can be reinforced with the integration of advanced tire models.


The software tool is ideal during planning and support of tire performance tests and analyzing test results. 


It provides realistic dynamic analysis of takeoff, landing, and ground maneuvering scenarios that can provide insight into testing conditions to reproduce the tire’s dynamic environment as closely as possible; these simulations are ideal for prediction of tire wear and the associated maintenance.


GearSim’s advanced steering, braking and anti-skid models enable studies in which the detailed landing gear subsystem parameters that most affect tire wear and performance can be identified.


Your Partner for Impact

  • Expertise and experience supporting tire manufacturers and universities in modeling, simulation, design and testing of aircraft tires and aircraft braking

  • Tire models can be imported into GearSim and analyzed using the advanced braking and antiskid models to assess tire performance and behavior

  • Specific aircraft landing gear models have been developed to support tire analysis for various aircraft in taxi analysis, ground operations, and varying landing conditions and runway profiles

Data Analyst

Our Software Solution

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A landing gear simulation tool for performing ground loads and landing gear systems analysis offering high utility with rapid modeling capability and built-in library of various landing gear types.

GearSim can provide predictive analysis of landing gear performance, comprehensive analysis for aircraft and landing gear structural modeling, systems analysis and ground loads 

Developed and validated by SDI with several industry partners. This work continues in collaboration with the USAF and major aircraft OEMs.  


  • Integrated modeling of landing gear and nonlinear aeroservoelastic aircraft dynamics

  • Simulation of the entire aircraft, individual landing gear components, landing gear facility testing and performance evaluation

  • Hydraulic and actuation system models

  • Propulsion and flight control system modeling integrated with full aircraft aeroelastics

  • Detailed braking, steering and tire dynamics

  • Shimmy and gear walk, stability analysis

  • Primary focus on military and commercial aircraft for landing gear or aircraft subsystem analysis, ground maneuvering, and flight test cases

  • Validated against military and commercial aircraft landing gear and subsystem test data

GearSim in Action

Nose Landing Gear Drop Test

  • Based on military aircraft

  • Single-wheel landing gear

  • Dropped height: 2.5 m

  • Impact velocity: 3 m/s

Nose Landing Gear Shimmy Test

  • Based on military aircraft

  • Single wheel landing gear

  • Hammer strike at 2 seconds

  • Flexible oscillations damped for this case

  • Frequency and damping post-processing tools available

Whole Aircraft Landing

  • Based on wide-body commercial aircraft

  • Aircraft mass: 174,000 kg

  • Four-wheel main landing gear and two-wheel nose landing gear

  • Initial ground speed: 75 m/s

  • Descent rate: 3 m/s

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